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Seminaire Professeur Hendrik W. van Veen

Nous avons le plaisir d’accueillir le Professeur Hendrik W. van Veen de l’université de Cambridge

qui nous fera un séminaire le 19 juillet à 11h en salle Pelletier

le titre de sa présentation est "Towards a mechanistic understanding of multi drug transporters"

Abstract : Multidrug transporters are present in plasma membranes of all organisms. They mediate the active extrusion of structurally diverse compounds from the cell, thereby preventing the binding of therapeutic drugs to intracellular targets. This activity can result in drug resistance and in changes in drug pharmacokinetics. The seminar will compare and contrast transport mechanisms of different classes of multidrug transporters, and will highlight mechanistic analogies in substrate recognition and energy coupling that allow these systems to perform similar functions.