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- M. Chiadmi, A. Navaza, M. Miginiac-Maslow, J.P. Jacquot & J. Cherfils. Structure of oxidized pea fructose-1,6-bisphosphate Phosphatase. Redox signalling in the chloroplast. EMBO J. (1999) 18:6809-6815.

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- P. Retailleau, M. Riès-Kautt, A. Ducruix, L. Belloni, S. J. Candau & J.P. Munch. Interaction & ion-protein macroion coupled diffusion evidenced by light scattering, Coulombic interaction and ion-protein macroion coupled diffusion evidenced by light scattering. Europhysics Letters (1999) 46:154-159.

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- A. Boudi, P. Lemoine, B. Viossat, A. Tomas, J. Fiet & H. Galons. A convenient synthesis of 18-Hydroxycorticosterone & 18-Hydroxy-11-desoxycorticosterone via Stereospecific Hypoionodination of 20-Hydroxysteroids. Tetrahedron (1999) 55:5171-5176.

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- V. Guerin, S. Geiger, D. Robic, A. Didierlaurent, G. Couarraze & R. Bourbouze. Different characteristics of peptide-loaded poly(D,L-lactic-co-glycolic acid) microspheres from house dust mite and pollen allergens. Pharma Sciences (1999) 9:351-357.

- M. Seltki, I. Nicolis & A. Navaza. A new bioinorganic complex : EXAFS analysis and molecular modeling of bis-CuBr2 complex of 6a,6b,6d,6e-tetra-o-nicotinoyl-alpha-cyclodextrin. J. Coord. Chem (1999) 47:541-549.

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